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The Art of Ball Stretching Fetish wear for men

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If you are new to the idea of ball stretching, you may wonder just why any man would want to do that. That’s a valid question. Men love the way it feels when their balls hang down. There is a good reason for this. You already know that it is the job of your balls to keep your sperm in peak condition by keeping your balls at a lower body temperature. When the muscles in your groin relax the ball sac to let your balls hang down, thus cooling off when your body is hot. This action produces a very pleasurable sensation and a lot of men want to repeat this feeling over and over. Most men also think that low hanging balls are better looking and sexier.

Another way that ball stretching is used involves the world of domination and submissiveness.. Many submissive men find that they really enjoy ball stretching when it is done by a Mistress or Master as a part of a domination session. This would most likely be made more painful than if you are doing it just to make your balls hang lower, or to enjoy that special sensation of low hanging balls.

The really good thing about ball stretching is that it is not limited to just couple play. Ball stretching can be incorporated into masturbation experiences, too. Men who enjoy this sort of stimulation tend to like the feeling of having their sacs stretched all the way out. They also like looking down and seeing their balls all tied up. This produces a feeling somewhere between a dull ache and great pleasure.

Ball stretching is by no means something that everyone likes, but a large part of the male population does enjoy it. As with many other sexual enhancements, there is a right way and a wrong way to engage in ball stretching. Ball stretching the wrong way can result in some temporary to permanent harm.

The one rule to remember in ball stretching is that you have some sort of injury to that part of your body you will not want to engage in this sort of pleasuring. It will probably hurt more than anything else, not to mention that you could cause additional injury.

To begin your ball stretching, try grabbing firmly around the base of your ball sac. Then give it a slight pull. If that feels good to you, tighten up your grip and tug even harder. Pull them out until they are shiny. Adding a slight tap or slap to them at this point may increase the pleasure. Only you will know just how hard you want that slap to be, though, so it’s best to start out easy.

Once you have decided that ball stretching is an activity that really excites you, there are other ways to enjoy the experience. Companies specializing in sex toys have many varieties of ball stretching toys on the market. These include close snapped leather cylinders, double-ringed cock rings that are combined with ball stretchers, and other devices that will separate the balls while stretching them out at the same time. In addition to these interesting toys, there are stretchers shaped like parachutes that allow you to hang weights from, really pulling your balls tight.

If you have the money to put into your ball stretching toys, there are leather and metal ball stretchers. Men who have tried these out seem to really love the results they get. However, if you are not rolling in money, you can always try using a 5 foot length of soft nylon clothesline to tie up your balls. It’s best not to use the thin or hard cords, as they might bite too hard. The easiest way is probably by looping the near end of the rope around the base of both the shaft and balls. The serves as an anchor as you slowly wrap the cord around the ball sac in a gradual stretch. Your goal is to eventually tie the 2 ends together.

It’s important to know that leather ball stretching devices come in all shapes and sizes. The basic model is simply a leather strap with snap fastenings. It can be hard to get the correct size unless the fasteners happen to be adjustable. You will want to find high quality leather as the collar snaps around your balls so it keeps them pulled down. If you are just starting out in ball stretching, you may want to begin with the smallest collar that is normally about 1 inch in length. As you balls become more stretched, it will be time to move to a deeper collar with a longer dangle effect. Make sure the leather is always comfortable. Most men prefer the lace up variety. This leather is soft and offers just the right amount of support for more effective ball stretching. The lace up facility means the stretching can be adjusted easily to get a more comfortable fit in diameter. With these ball stretching devices, there should be no squeezing or pinching.

Another type of ball stretching device is known as the split collar rings, or steel ball stretchers. These vary in weight and are of top quality. The collar splits in half and is then situated around your balls. It is secured in place by two screws as they are tightened by an allen key. Sizing with the split collar ring ball stretching device is easier because of this and can be a lot more comfortable. They are heavier in weight which will add to the stretching action.
If you are feeling particularly brave, you might try the steel rings ball stretching device. These are naturally heavy, and steel rings emphasize the downward pull. Steel rings come in a variety of sizes. Many men use several cock rings simultaneously, which can enhance the stretching and weight at the same time. Since these rings are fixed, there is an art to using them. You will have to feed your ball sac skin through the ring first, then your balls. Another issue with using the steel rings is regarding size. As these are a fixed size, you will need to get the right size to fit your balls. If you get too small a size, your balls won’t get through. If it is too large, the rings will just slide off. You can see the problem with this.

Now, if you happen to want your balls to be REALLY big, like the size of a grapefruit or more, you can get a “two stage tube.” These are specially made cylinders that work a lot like penis pumps, except they are used on your balls instead of your cock. Although this would probably be considered more of a ball pumping than a ball stretching action, you can get some pretty spectacular results from using them. If you indulge in a particularly good ball pumping session, you will have bigger balls for several days. They will eventually go back to their normal size, but if you keep doing this on a regular basis, you will find that your balls sack will stay larger and hang lower. This method seems to be a rather well kept secret but it seems to be the best way to make your balls bigger.

This next ball stretching method might also be dubbed “The Poor Man’s Ball Stretcher.” It has been discovered that a toilet tissue roll is a pretty good average size for a lot of men to use for ball stretching. Taking a pair of scissors, you simply cut the cardboard tube to a length that offers a comfortable fit. Then you insert first one, and then the other ball through the tube, and you have a ball stretching device that you didn’t have to spend a lot of money on. An advantage to using this method is that it is very easy to change the length to get more of a stretch or less of one. You do this by cutting them in various lengths. While there is no definitive proof, it seems that there would be some manufacturers who would use different diameters for their cardboard tubes. So you can try out different brands of toilet tissue to see if one size works better for you than others. You may even decide that a paper towel cardboard tube will work best for you.

Most likely you have already played around with more than one set of balls, and yes, YOURS also count. So, you will know that both the size of balls and the how loose the sacs are can vary from one man to another. But did you know that the bigger the balls, and the lower the sac hangs, the easier you will have it.

If you are into ball stretching just to make your balls lower hanging, you will need to give it a few weeks before you notice a continual difference. During that time, conduct your ball stretching sessions on a daily basis. For some men, it even takes as long as 6 months before you see your ball stretching paying off. The thing to remember, though, is to always be safe. You don’t want to leave the ball stretching devices on for too long at a time, or you could cause yourself irreparable harm. Also, be careful to keep the sessions pleasurable, unless you happen to LIKE pain.

Now, you have the basics. You are probably wondering how to incorporate your ball stretching into sexual experiences. It will be easiest to figure out how to do this solo, so you may want to begin there. Start with working this into a masturbatory session. Also, don’t rush out and spend tons of money you don’t have on ball stretching aids, at least not until you find out if you are going to enjoy this enough to do that.

Clear your mind of any pre-conceived ideas you may have about ball stretching. In order to give it a fair chance, and find out if it’s something you will be into or not, this is a must. Do whatever it is you do to get ready to jack off. If that means a shower or bubble bath, followed by body lotion all over, do that. Maybe you like a little atmosphere and light a couple of candles. Or you may just be one of those guys who enjoy lying back on your very comfortable bed with a good DVD or magazine filled with hot naked bodies. The trappings aren’t as important as the act, so it really doesn’t matter what you do to prepare. The one thing that DOES matter is that you have that 5 foot length of nylon clothesline.

Take your time. Masturbation is not something that should be rushed and neither is ball stretching. Get into a comfortable position and spread your thighs apart somewhat. Now, firmly grasp the base of your ball sac in your hand. With the other hand, tug on it slightly and see how that feels to you. If it hurts, feels uncomfortable, or is in any way unpleasing, stop right there. This is obviously not for you. However, if you find that tugging brings you a deliciously exciting sensation, take it a bit further.

The next thing you will want to do is increase that tugging a bit. Try pulling on your ball sac harder and see what that does for you. If you find that it really feels good at this point, you will probably have a very hard cock. That should be a real selling point for you that ball stretching is something you want to do even more. You might even want to add in a little stroking now along with the ball stretching. If it’s too exciting though, slow down, or you will cum too quickly.
Your first time trying this, you will want to be very cautious as to the amount of tugging, pulling and ball stretching that you do. There is a danger of doing a little too much pulling and stretching, which can possibly cause some unwanted damage to your balls. Moderation is the key when you are first getting into ball stretching.

As you progress further into your solo ball stretching session, let yourself feel that tight full, yet relaxed feeling that will radiate throughout your balls. Enjoy this as it causes your cock to also swell with the need for release. Keep your hands so that you can both stroke your throbbing cock, and do ball stretching at the same time. It will make the whole session so much hotter.

When you feel that you have taken all you can handle for your first time, allow your cock to reach that edge, that delicious point of no return. If you can manage it, stretch your balls even more as you stroke your cock harder, allowing it to shoot your white hot semen everywhere. You will probably find this to be one of the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced. Now, you will be hooked on ball stretching.

Once you have engaged in ball stretching on your own a few times, you will most likely be ready to let someone else in on the fun. This can be done with gay couples or straight couples. It can even be incorporated into threesomes and other types of group sex. First, let’s see what fun you can have with just one other person.

Although straight men can have a lot of fun by incorporating ball stretching into a couple experience, gay men really can have the best fun because ball stretching is something they can BOTH enjoy doing at the same time. You should discuss it with your partner before going into a joint ball stretching session, just be sure that you are both on the same page. It could be that your partner has tried it before and either already has some experience, or has decided he does not like it. Either way, these are things that are good to know ahead of time.

A friend of mine and his new boyfriend set up an evening of fun, games and ball stretching for the two of them. My friend had become curious about trying it, and was thrilled to find out that his new love interest actually had some experience in the whole process. They were so cute! They went shopping together for “supplies” and other fun things for their night of ball stretching erotica. Jon was a bit apprehensive about it, yet he had heard so many exciting things about how it heightened sexual pleasure, that he knew he had to give it a whirl. Sebastian was more than happy to be the teacher.

The night arrived and everything was set up. Jon and Sebastian started the evening with a shower together, but they behaved themselves. Neither of them wanted to take away from the experience and wanted to remain in a state of extreme horniness. Following the shower, they retired to Jon’s bed with their newly acquired ball stretching toys. They didn’t dive right into using them though. There was some definite foreplay. Sebastian wanted Jon to be very relaxed and open to the ball stretching activities, and he felt that the best way to do this was to have him really worked up first.

When both of them were breathing heavy and had throbbing hard cocks, Sebastian reached for the nylon clothesline cord first.  As Jon had never done ball stretching of any kind in the past, he felt this would be better to start him off. However, before he used the cord on Jon, Sebastian gripped the base of Jon’s ball sac firmly and then gave his balls a slight tug.  Putting Jon’s hand on his cock, Sebastian encouraged Jon to stroke it slowly. This gave Jon something to do while Sebastian conducted the initial stages of testing Jon out to see if ball stretching was going to work out for him.

At this point, Jon seemed to be having a nice time. He stroked his cock as Jon continued to pull ever so slightly on his balls. As Jon moaned in pleasure, Sebastian slowly increased the ball stretching to a slightly harder stage. Keeping a careful eye on Jon’s reactions, he made sure to not take it so far that Jon was ever actually in any pain. He kept it at a certain amount of pressure until Jon told him to please do it harder. Sebastian complied with the request.

After a certain amount of time spent doing the ball stretching manually, Sebastian asked Jon if he felt he was ready to try the cord. He said yes, so Sebastian went about tying the nylon clothesline around Jon’s balls so that he could conduct some ball stretching that way. Jon seemed love every second of it. He loved it so much, that he soon informed Sebastian in a strained and breathless voice that he just might be cumming soon. Now, there was a decision to make. Sebastian really didn’t want Jon to be finished that quickly because there was still a lot of fun to be had.

Sebastian told Jon that he would stop for the moment, which meant that Jon could try out some of the new ball stretching toys they bought on him. As Sebastian had been actively doing ball stretching for some time, there was really not a risk of doing him any harm. Jon chose the leather ball stretching device to use first. Lovingly, Jon attached the device to Sebastian’s balls, and proceeded to lace it up. Once he had it in place, and set to the amount of pulling that Sebastian wanted, he started to stroke his cock to add to the pleasure. Now, while this is most definitely not necessary in a ball stretching session, it is definitely a lot of fun! Add a bit of tongue and mouth action to the hand stroking, and you have the best of all worlds.

Sebastian lay there feeling the stimulating stretching of his balls, along with the oral ministrations from Jon, and wasn’t sure that he had somewhere not stepped into a heavenly realm. So caught up was he in these delicious sensations that it wasn’t very long before he shot his considerable load of cum right down Jon’s eager and ready throat. Still wearing the leather ball stretching device, he rolled over on his stomach, and then onto his hands and knees. Jon got the hint rather quickly. Settling himself behind Sebastian, Jon gripped his hips and eased the head of his swollen cock into Sebastian’s ready opening. He was so hard from waiting so long, that he only managed a few good strokes before emptying his balls into Sebastian’s waiting ass.

They both decided, later, that this ball stretching session had been quite a success. In fact, they had such a great time they decided to continue making it a part of their fucking sessions on a regular basis. This seems to be working wonders for both of them regarding their quest for low hanging balls.

As mentioned before, straight couples can also enjoy incorporating ball stretching into their sexual encounters. Surprisingly enough, many women also enjoy seeing low hanging balls on their men. In fact, they enjoy it so much, that many are not only willing, but excited, to help their men with their ball stretching sessions. A lot of women will go shopping with their boyfriends and husbands to find the latest and best in ball stretching devices. Some women say they like the fact that their men’s cocks look longer with low hanging balls. Others delight in the way these balls seem to fit into tight jeans, making a man’s crotch look “fuller.”

The men lucky enough to be involved with understanding and appreciative women such as these will have all the help they could ever want with making their ball stretching a success. Women love putting the ball stretching devices on their men’s balls. Some will start out doing it at the very beginning, while others work it into fucking in a sexy hot way.
A couple, who are friends, actually make ball stretching sessions into a sexy role playing game. Lisa even has a full fledged dom outfit she wears when she and Andy are engaging in ball stretching sex. Lisa started this one night when Andy least expected it. She knew that he was interested in ball stretching to see if he could make his rather compact balls hang lower. She went shopping and bought a black leather corset, and black leather thigh high boots with very high heels. To make it even more fun, she bought a few accessories such a cat a nine tails, and a very nice leather ball stretching device. The man at the adult shop had told her it was the best to start out with.

That night, Lisa got all dressed up, and ordered Andy into the shower as soon as he got home from work. He said later that he was a little scared, but also very excited to see this new side of his wife. Upon getting out of the shower, Lisa ordered him to lie on the bed, where she proceeded to tie his wrists to the bed posts. Then she got out her little surprise for him, which was the leather ball stretching device. She made sure he was totally helpless as she attached the device to his balls. The excitement of the whole scene combined with the sensations produced by the ball stretching device caused Andy’s cock to become quite hard. Lisa used this to her advantage. Teasing Andy both verbally, and swatting his cock lightly with her cat o nine tails, Lisa spoke to Andy in a sultry voice. She let him know that she was in charge, and that she would decide when the ball stretching device was removed.

Andy said later, that he had never found anything so sexually exciting in his life. He loved both the control Lisa was taking and exerting over him, but also the way full feeling that he experienced from the leather ball stretching apparatus she had attached to his balls. Lisa also added to this experience by, at one point, straddling his face and “making” him lick her clit and tongue fuck her pussy. When Andy was to the point of begging for release, she moved to his throbbing cock and slid her now wet pussy right down on it. Reaching behind her so she could also manage the strength of the ball stretching device, she rode his cock until they both came really hard.

Andy and Lisa enjoyed this experience so much that they have continued to incorporate ball stretching into more and more of their fucking sessions. Sometimes she will simply bring out a new ball stretching device while Andy is watching TV, unzip his pants, and attach this to his balls. This is almost a form of foreplay for them as it excites both of them for him to be wearing the ball stretching toy while doing something as mundane as watching television. They even took it a step further with Andy attaching the ball stretching leather device and wearing it when he and Lisa went out. He would be wearing it while they had dinner in a 4 star restaurant, in a movie theater, or any other night out. He even wore it to a black tie social event associated with his business. Lisa has said that it was all she could do to keep her hands off of his cock while they were there. She was just that excited to know he was wearing it and being so “naughty” here among all of these rich and important people. As far as how successful all of this ball stretching has been for Andy in his quest for lower hanging balls, he and Lisa have both noticed a huge difference and feel it has definitely been effective.

As you can see, ball stretching is an activity that can be solo or all inclusive. It is totally up to you and the other people involved as to how you do it. A solo session can be very erotic, just as a ball stretching session incorporated into a sexual encounter and shared with someone else can be highly sensual. Ball stretching also has its place in the world of kink. This is probably one of the more versatile sexual experiences. It simply fits everywhere. There are few criticisms of ball stretching once the facts are out and understood. When looked at closely, ball stretching can be a very erotic and sensual experience, as well as a way to change the look of a man’s balls. There are not that many sexual activities that can attest to that.

Another reason that some men may choose to try ball stretching may result from a negative opinion of their cocks. You may feel that your cock is not big enough, long enough, or is unattractive in some way. If you feel this way about your cock, there really isn’t a lot you can do to change it. Your cock is pretty much set in stone regarding the way it looks. A cosmetic change such as circumcision can enhance the appearance of the head of your cock. Taking some of those male enhancement aids MIGHT make your cock appear a bit larger. So, you can see that there are limits as to what you can do to change the appearance of your cock. However, you CAN make your balls drastically different. By engaging in ball stretching, you can change the way your balls look. They will stretch so that they hang much lower. When your balls are changed so much that they are impressively lower hanging, that is what will be noticed first. You are, in essence, camouflaging whatever you feel is wrong with your cock, with your now impressive appearing balls.

Now, for those men out there who, for whatever reason, have no interest in participating in ball stretching, it really is ok to feel that way. This is not something that every man on the planet is going to fall in love with. Yes, there are a significant number of men who practice ball stretching and enjoy it. However, that does not mean that ALL men must feel the same way. To many men, gay or straight, the appearance of their balls is very important to them. They will give just about anything a shot to improve the way they feel their balls look. If you are happy with the way your balls look, that’s great. You will not need to try out ball stretching just to make your balls hang lower, as long as you are happy with where your balls rest. That is the important thing.

So what if your friends are all doing ball stretching? It does not mean that you have to do it, too. For the most part, ball stretching is a personal choice, and this is respected by men. You may just be a man who does not need anything extra to feel good about his genitalia. If that’s true, consider yourself to be a very fortunate man. Most men seem to have the same insecurities about their cocks and balls as women do about their breast size. Women are lucky in that there are many options available to them in improving their breasts. Men are not this fortunate in finding things to enhance the appearance of their cocks and balls. This may be one reason that some men are drawn to ball stretching. It is something they can do to control the appearance of their balls, and in turn, make their cocks more attractive.

Some men are just genetically lucky. They are born with perfectly formed cocks along with nice low hanging balls. These men may not understand ball stretching because they will, most likely, never have the need for it. If these types of men ever do engage in ball stretching, it will be for reasons of experiencing a different kind of stimulation, or possibly during domination session. Just because you may have the perfect cock and balls does not mean you have to miss out on the exquisite sensations that ball stretching can provide. As stated before, ball stretching is an activity or practice that any man can try, whether they need their cocks appearance altered, or not.

If you decide to that ball stretching is something you want to experience, please be cautious. Read everything you can find on the subject before going into your first foray. It’s safe to say that a man’s balls are very important to him, and they need to be treated with care. If you are lucky enough to hook up with someone who has vast experience in ball stretching, follow his instructions to the letter, as he will know what he is talking about. In addition, he will know just how to make your ball stretching session as pleasurable as it can possibly be.

However, if you are shy, and prefer to try it out on your own, this is possible as well. You can discreetly research it online, as well as find many websites where you can purchase what you need without having to talk to anyone about it. If you need your ball stretching experiment to be personal, there is no reason why it cannot be.

Whichever way you decide to go with ball stretching, make sure above all else, that it is something you want to do. Set out to make it as enjoyable and pleasurable as you possibly can, and most of all, stay safe while engaging in it.

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